Yannick Roudaut

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Yannick Roudaut : Futurist


Yannick Roudaut is a former financial markets specialist and journalist (BFM, Bloomberg TV, Le Figaro, Le Journal des Finances-Investir Le Monde...).


After fifteen years spent breaking down and analyzing the world economy and trading, his pursuit/interests/perspective took an intellectual shift in the 2000s. 


As he became more and more aware of the "unsustainability" of our world, he decided to invest himself in the search for a sustainable economic model, eventually leaving the stock market for good in the midst of the subprime crisis. 


''Although societal and environmental values are still seldom taken into account in finance, we can already see some signs of the changes/things to come. We are going to progressively move from an economy based on the creation of value, as defined by Milton Friedman, to the creation of ValueS, in their plurality. In the future, only accountable enterprises that can justify their financial, ecological and societal impact, will be attractive to employees and customers. Enterprises must no longer think of themselves as a standalone core, but rather as complex organizations, with a wide range of responsibilities.'' 

Yannick is an expert speaker for APM, GERME and CJD.

Quand l’improbable surgit, un autre futur revient dans la partie ! : Oct 20

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Yannick' conferences are held in French 

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