Dorian Tourin-Lebret

topics :  environment -sciences -future - innovation - energy - climate change - collective intelligence

Dorian Tourin-Lebret: Thinking about climate change 


At 31 years old, Dorian Tourin-Lebret, an engineer from the Ecole Centrale de Paris, has already founded and managed a startup, Smart Impulse, specialized in the measurement and analysis of electrical consumption in large buildings. He is the holder of 5 international patents, as well as the winner of the La Tribune Young Entrepreneur Award in 2014. 


Dorian is also the creator of Gaïactica, an interactive game that allows people to learn about global issues such as  climate change, pollution, biodiversity, etc. and how each of us can act at our own level to make an impact. 


In its purest form, Gaïactica is an escape game provided by the Cap Sciences museum in Bordeaux, wherein children and adults embark on a spaceship to live an interactive and immersive experience inspired by the most recent scientific works and latest technologies.


However the Gaïactica experience can also be delivered through cooperative workshops, during which teams are faced with tailored dilemmas regarding energy, transportation, food or building and must make a decision together. 


Dorian also offers innovative and interactive lecture-shows: dressed as a futuristic captain, he travels through the 21st century and presents to the audience different courses of actions that influence the climate. Following the audience's successive decisions, the final picture of the world in 2100 is realistically illustrated and projected on the screen at the end of each session, thanks to the best available models of climate evolution. 


The scientific quality of Gaïactica is attested by Jean Jouzel, French climatologist and former vice-president of the IPCC: 


"Gaïactica is based on solid scientific sources and simulates for the pleasure of a wide audience the evolution of our climate over the next few decades." 

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